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If you are into modern designs and have loved the natural look of the wood tables, then you have to have a liking for light toned wooden furniture. They instantly brighten up a room.  Also they look ravishing with mismatched furniture. You might simply want to choose a light toned natural wood table and a bench along with chairs of your favorite color. These furniture and tables look ultra modern and are perfect for small rooms.


Hard maple tables are perfect for those grand dinners and dining for the entire family and friends. If you have a large dining room and are perfect host to a huge set of people, you could have an inclination towards maple tables. They look like those executive tables but not very intimidating as well. Perfect for all those family gatherings, they do add that perkiness to the room. You could settle in for dark colored chairs around it. These tables have that combination of traditional and modern appeal.


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Theres something for everyone in ourdining sets, dining tables, dining chairs, bar stools and dining benchesranges - modern yet practical dining furniture, in a wide selection of styles and sizes, to suit many types of kitchen-diner and dining room.

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If you are after something a little bit different in your home then take a peek at our stunning Grey gloss furniture range.

Learn about the latest design trends so you’re always up to date with what’s going on, while our interior stylist Jess gives you her expert knowledge on how you can style your home.